Preparatory Course

Preparatory Department is an institution that prepares students academically and linguistically for their studies in Ukraine. The main aim of the Preparatory Course is to provide foreigners with
an opportunity to adapt for studying and living in Ukraine. Most of the universities in the country boast of this important department.

During the Preparatory Course, you will be taught Ukrainian/Russian language and basic subjects relevant to your course of choice and you will also be given a thorough insight into your chosen course.

Preparatory Course in Ukraine generally lasts for 10 months but can also be compressed into fewer months of intensive work to serve the needs of particular group of students.

Who Needs To Attend The Preparatory Course?

  • International candidates, whose courses are not taught in English Medium, hence need to study in Ukrainian or Russian Medium.
  • Applicants who want their stay and studies in Ukraine to be more comfortable and enjoyable experience.
  • Postgraduate students, academic researchers and interns who need to familiarize with key terminologies and research materials in the local languages to facilitate their endeavours.
  • Medical applicants who would study in English medium but have the intention to stay on after graduation to pursue higher degrees in the medical field. They will benefit a great deal from the preparatory course since they will be able to communicate with patients more comfortably.
  • International journalists, project managers, businessmen that require knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian to accomplish their objectives in Ukraine.
  • Candidates who have been out of school for some time. It helps them to get back into the academic mood.
Course Ref.Course TitleAccomodation ($)Tuition
1MePr01Medical Preparatory Course7501750
2EMSSPr02Engr./Mgt./Social Science Preparatory Course5001300