Our Services

Our Services:

Our services are aimed at both the candidates and their parents, who may or may not want to accompany their kids to witness the admission / enrollment process. Both will be treated below:

Our Services For Candidates:

Our principal aim is to quickly deal with all educational issues in the most efficient way using our experience, skill and divine direction.

1. Selection of University and Admission:

There are many educational institutions in Ukraine. Each of them has an individual profile, accreditation, location and other specific features which can have direct bearing on your education. Making the right choice can be risky, difficult and daunting.

We are part of the system here and actively communicate with both students and teaching staff of the various universities so we are able to provide expert advice and guidance at all levels of the academic ladder.

  • We know which university teaches a particular course best.
  • We know in which city you can feel comfortable as a foreign student.
  • We know in which city or university you will not be alone.
  • We know which location gives you the best value for time and money.

Rely on us to get admitted to the best university for your dream studies.

2. Admission/Invitation Fee:

The institutions require an admission/invitation fee before issuance of admission/invitation letter. We pay on your behalf and make sure all documents reach you via DHL.

3. Visa Support:

It is our responsibility for visa support letter from Ministry of Education & Science in Ukraine to be sent to the embassy of Ukraine where you intend to apply for your visa.

4. Airport/Train station Clearance:

Our representatives who speak both Russian/Ukrainian and your language well will meet you at the airport or train station to take you through immigration clearance and lead you to your school and accommodation.

5. Accommodation and settling-in process:

We begin to arrange for your accommodation as soon as you inform us about your coming to Ukraine. You can choose to live in University hostel or in a flat off-campus. We will help you to acquire this at no extra charge. In the first days of your stay in Ukraine, our representatives will help you to buy all that you need to make your stay and studies comfortable. At your request they will also introduce you to other students from your home country.

6. Medical Care, Health Care Test, Medical Insurance, Passport Registration

In Ukraine new students by law are supposed to undergo medical check-up, acquire medical insurance and get their passports registered in passport control office. We take you through all these. We also show you where to have your medical care.

7. Environmental Orientation:

On request, we organize city tours for prospective students to enable them get acquainted to the new environment as quickly as possible.

Our Services for Parents.

You can entrust our group with your ward’s safety, as well as educational development. Our purpose is to provide students with a secure and caring environment during their stay in Ukraine. We are all dedicated to the welfare and happiness of every student. We offer 24-hour emergency contact.

The moment student registers with us, we undertake all the following responsibilities:

  • Be a 24 hour point of contact for parents, student and school.
  • Be on call to visit in case of emergency.
  • Act on behalf of parents in case of emergency or crisis.
  • Make appropriate arrangements for medical care.
  • Provide personal advice and support.
  • Keep you informed and consult you on matters concerning your son or daughter.
  • Establish a close liaison with you, your child and the university.


We can also help you, should you decide to visit your dear son or daughter in Ukraine:

  • We help you to get tourist visa or visitor visa.
  • We arrange for your airport clearance.
  • We book hotel for you.
  • We get you a qualified interpreter to make your visit a comfortable and memorable one.