List Of Courses In Ukraine Universities

There are hundreds of courses available in Ukraine higher institutions for prospective foreign students to choose from. Below is a list of courses in Ukraine universities, and even though it is sampled from just a handful of universities, there are evidently enough options to choose from. The listing includes both courses for graduate and postgraduate students.

Some of the courses are available for study in English language, like general medicine, dentistry, computer engineering etc. However, the majority of the courses are taught in the local Ukrainian or Russian language. The course listing below is provided as a guide to understanding what kind of courses are available for study.

Medical Courses

General Medicine
Abdominal Surgery
Allergology and Immunology
Biology with Parasitology and Genetics
Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology
Child Dentistry
Child Gynaecology
Child Infectious Diseases
Child Surgery
Clinical Paediatrics
Clinical Pharmacology
Combustology and Plastic Surgery
Dental Surgery
Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases
Endocrinology and Clinical Pharmacology
Family Medicine
General Paediatrics Infectious Diseases

Hospital Surgery
Immunology and Bacteriology
Infant Care
Infectious Diseases
Inorganic and General Chemistry
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine With Physiotherapy
Medical and Pharmaceutical Management
Medical Intensive Care and Therapy
Medical Psychology
Neurology (child and general)
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Organization and Economics of Pharmacy
Orthopaedic dentistry
Orthopaedic Dentistry
Pathological Anatomy
Pathology with Forensic Medicine
Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric Surgery
Paediatrics with Nursing
Pharmacology and Botany
Pharmacology and Organic Chemistry
Prophylactic Dentistry
Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
Psychiatry and narcology
Radio Diagnosis and Therapy
Skin and Venereal Diseases
Social Medicine and Public Health
Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery
Technology of drugs and Bio pharmacy
Therapeutic Dentistry
Thoracical Surgery
Topographical Anatomy and Operative Surgery
Toxicological and Analytical Chemistry
Traumatology and Orthopedia

Engineering, Technical, Pure & Applied Sciences

Air Navigation (Aircraft Flight Operation)
Air Navigation Systems (Air Navigation Systems)
Air Traffic Services
Air Transportation Organization and Management
Aircraft and Rocket Engineering
Aircraft Equipment
Airplanes and Helicopters
Airport Work Technologies and Technical Equipment
Applied Ecology and Nature Protection
Applied geometry, engineering graphics
Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics and Information Science
Applied Physics
Applied Statistics
Architectural Environment Design
Architecture of Building and Construction
Automated Control Systems
Automatics and Automation Control in Transport Industry
Automation and Computer – Integrated Technologies
Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies
Automation and Telecommunication
Automation Control of Technological Processes
Automation of technological processes
Automobile Designs
Automobile Operations
Automobile Roads and Aerodrome Construction (Highways and Airfields)
Automobiles and Automobiles Facility
Automobiles and Car Engines
Biotechnical and Medical Apparatus And Systems
Building Studies
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Manufacturing Machines and Devices
Chemical Technologies of Fuel and Carbonic Materials
Chemical Technologies of High Molecular Compounds
Chemical Technology
Chemical Technology of Fuel and Carbon Materials
Chemical technology of fuel and fuel lubricants
Chemical Technology of Refractory Non-Metal and Silicate Materials
Civil Engineering
Computational Mathematics and Programming
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Computer System of Automation and Control
Computer Systems and Automation
Computer systems and components
Computer Systems and Networks
Computer Systems in Transportation Fields
Computer-aided Designs
Computer-integrated technological Processes and Production
Computerized Systems of Control and Automation
Construction Management
Cutting Tools and Instruments
Documentation And Information System Management
Electric Power Plants
Electric power plants, systems and networks

Electric Systems and Networks
Electrical Drive and Industrial Installation Automation
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnics
Electrical machines and apparatus
Electrical Systems of Electricity Consumption
Electromechanical Automation Devices and Electric Drive
Electromechanical Engineering
Electromechanical Systems For Geotechnical Production
Electronic Devices
Electronic Systems
Electronic Systems and Devices
Electro-technical complexes and systems
Energy Management
Engineering Graphic and Geometry
Engines and power plants
Exploration Technology and Techniques
Ferrous Metallurgy Plant Equipment
Fuel Chemical Technology
Gas Turbine Plants and Compressor Stations
General Chemistry
Geotechnic and mining mechanics
Heat and gas supply, ventilation
Heat-Power Engineering
Heat-Transfer Physics
Highway and Aerodromes
Hoisting-transport, building, road construction, land-reclamation machinery and equipment
Hydraulic Engineering
Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Drives and Hydraulic Pneumatic Automation
Industrial and Civil Engineering
Industrial Companies and Cities Electrical Supply
Industrial Management
Industrial Thermal Engineering
Information and Measuring Systems
Information Control Systems and Technologies
Information Security Control
Information Security Systems
Information Technical Protection Systems and Automation Processing
Information technologies
Inorganic chemistry
Instrument and Systems for Ecological Monitoring
Instrument Making
Intellectual Property
Intelligence Systems For Decision Making
Lifting and Transport, Road-Building Construction, Melioration Machines and Equipment
Lifting-and-Shifting, Construction, Road Engineering and Reclamation Machines and Equipment
Lighting Technology and Sources of Light
Machine Engineering
Machine engineering technology
Machinery and Equipment of Chemical and Construction Material Plants
Machines and apparatus of chemical production
Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Engines
Maintenance of Aircraft
Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Management
Material Engineering
Material Support
Mathematical simulation and computational approach
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Metal Cutting Machines and Systems
Metal Forming
Metallurgic Equipment
Metallurgical production machines

Metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and special-property alloys
Metallurgy of Ferrous Metals
Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals
Metrological and Information Measuring Technologies
Micro and Nanoelectronics
Mine and Underground Construction
Mine survey
Mine Surveying
Mineral Deposits Development
Mineral Resources Dressing
Minerals Deposit Mining
Mining and underground construction
Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation
Mining Engineering
Mining Geo-Mechanics
Mining Machinery and Complexes
Mining Machines
Mining Transport And Logistics
Monitoring Computer Systems
Nature Protection Activity
Nonferrous Metallurgy and Construction Materials
Ore-Thermal Processes and Low-Waste Technologies
Organic chemistry
Organization of Aerial Works and Services
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Physical and Biomedical Electronics
Physical and Organic Chemistry
Physical chemistry
Physical Material Science
Physical metallurgy and thermal processing of metals
Physics of a solid body
Power Stations
Power-Mechanical Systems
Power-Plant Engineering
Processes and machines for pressure processing
Processes of mechanical operation, machines and tools
Quality Control
Quality, Standardization and Certification
Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV Devices
Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes
Radio Engineering
Radio Physics and Electronics
Road Traffic Control
Security of Information and Communication Systems
Security of Organizations and Institutions
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Specialized Computer Systems
Steel Metallurgy
System software
Systems and means of artificial intelligence
Systems Engineering
Systems Programming
Technique thermo-physical engineering and Industrial heat power engineering
Technology of Building Constructions, Products and Materials
Technology of Electronic Multimedia Means
Telecommunication Systems and Networks
Telecommunication Systems and Networks
Theoretical engineering
Theoretical Mechanics
Transport Systems
Transport Technologies
Underground prospecting of mineral deposits
Water Supply and Drainage (Sewagery)
Well Drilling

Geology, Ecology And Environmental Science

Cadastral And Land Monitoring
Computer Ecology And Economic Monitoring
Ecological Biotechnology And Bioenergetics
Ecological Safety
Ecology And Environmental Protection
Ecology Management
Ecology, Environmental Protection And Balanced Natural Resources Application
Geodesy And Geo-Information
Geodesy, Cartography And Land Resource Management
Geodesy, Photogrammetry And Cartography

Geoinformation Systems And Technologies
Geology Of Metallic And Non-Metallic Mineral Products
Information Control Systems And Technologies
Land Management And Cadastral
Land Survey And Cadastre
Mineral Dressing
Minerals Preparation
Minerals Processing

Social Sciences, Management And Humanities

Accounting and Audit
Accounting and Auditing of International Economic Activities
Administrative Management
Administrative Management in Information Protection
Business and Legal Environment in Entrepreneurship
Business Economics
Business Economics, Organization and Planning
Business Management
Cinema And Television Art
Commercial and Labour Law
Commercial Business And Trade
Companies Foreign Economic Activity
Computer and Information Systems in Management of Organizations
Country Study
Cybernetics in Economics
Department of Management and Logistics
Economic Cybernetics
Economic Theory
Economic theory and economic thought history
Economics and Business Management
Economics and management of enterprises
Economics and Marketing
Economics and national economy management
Economics and Personnel Management
Economics of Enterprise

European Studies
Finance and Banking
Finance and Credit
Financial and Banking Law
Financial Management
Foreign Policy
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Intellectual Property
International Business
International Business Administration
International Business and Advertising
International Business and Marketing
International Commercial Law
International Economic Relations
International Economics
International Economics and Banking
International Economics and Finance
International Economics and Personnel Management
International Law
International Marketing and Economic Journalism
International Monetary and Financial Relations
International Relations
International Relations Politics
Labour defence
Labour Protection and Aerology

Management and Economic Legislation
Management of Agriculture
Management of Enterprises and Administration
Management of Foreign EconomicActivity
Management of International Business andForeign Trade Activities
Management of Organization
Management of Tourism and Hotel Business
Management of Trade and Commercial Activities
Municipal Construction and City Economy
Office and Information Management
Personnel Management and Labour Economics
Personnel Management and Labour Economy
Political Leadership and Public Administrations
Political Marketing and Public Administrations
Political Science
Practical Psychology
Productive forces development and regional economics
Professional Communication Foreign Languages
Project Management
Publishing and Polygraphic Business
Social Work
Theatre Art
Tourism Management and Hotel Business