Admission Procedures

Step 1: Selection of Course
It is not a secret that choosing a course of study is a very difficult task. It has so much to do with your future. We at Study in Ukraine Universities understand this very well, so always advice our
candidates to take their time, without being in haste to take this important step.

You may like to discuss this with your parents or other members of your family. Maybe you will have to seek the services of Career Counselors.

You also have to take into consideration important factors like your financial background and the readiness of your parents or sponsors to give you adequate support all the way.

As soon as you fully decide on which course to read, just fill and send the application form and Study in Ukraine Universities will take things from there with all vigour.

Courses and Fees

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Step 2: Getting you Admitted

We will immediately start to look for appropriate university for you after we receive your application. This stage does not take long since we go about our work with seriousness and we work directly with the admission departments to ensure a smooth and timely process.

In the quest of seeking admission for you we take the following into consideration:

  • Academic Standard of the University;
  • Location of the University;
  • Cost of Study;
  • Availability of Students From Your Home Country.

The university which accepts you will issue an admission/invitation letter – a major requirement for visa application which will be sent to you via courier or any other delivery method of your choice.

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Step 3: Applying for Student Visa

After receiving the admission/invitation letter from us, you have to apply for student visa if you are from a country where you require a visa to travel to Ukraine. Take note of the visa application requirements. Make it a point not to omit any of them. We will make sure that your visa support letter (another very important document) is sent to the embassy.

When you apply for visa, you may have to answer a few questions regarding your course and its duration, your reasons for choosing Ukraine and the university, whether you are considering staying on in Ukraine after completing your studies and whether you have adequate arrangements to cover tuition cost, accommodation cost and so on.

The visa application usually takes a minimum of one month to be processed. Our representative in your country will be glad to assist you if you require it.

Step 4: Traveling/Arrival Arrangements

After you get your visa and have decided on your arrival date and time, be sure to inform us or our representative in your country. This is a very necessary. We will make the University to send details about your arrival to border control unit of the airport. At the point of entry, the border control officers can ask you few questions to establish your authenticity.

After this stage you will be met by one of our workers who will take you to the university or your temporal accommodation.

It is important to note that the absence of our representative at the airport can leave you stranded or sent back, hence the importance of informing us about your traveling plans.

Step 5: Registration in the University

Registration is the last stage of becoming a real student of the University. It can be a bit tricky but no panicking. Our company will be by your side all the way. It is the time you will truly understand why the universities in Ukraine deem it necessary to recruit students through agencies.

This process involves translation/notarization of documents, submission of documents to the University, medical check-up, getting room in the student hostel or renting an apartment off-campus, processing your residence permit and so on.

All these need to be done before the expiry date of your visa. It can take up to 3 weeks depending on the university and the particular region.

Few days after registration you will be given time-table for the start of your studies.

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