Admission Cost

Cost of Becoming a Student in Ukraine

Use the charges below to calculate the estimate of the amount of money you might spend to become a student in Ukraine.

  • Registration with our agency and admission fees – $200
  • Delivery Cost:
    • $45 (Regular Post)
    • $110 (DHL Courier Services)

The charges above cover the cost of registration with us, processing of your admission/invitation, payment for visa support, and sending the admission/invitation letter to you via the delivery
option of yours.

Take note that these fees are paid upfront to trigger the admission process.

Post-Arrival Payments
Click below for the tuition and accommodation fees, corresponding to your intended field of study.

University Registration, Enrollment and Agency fees cover costs of medical test, medical insurance, immigration insurance, residence permit processing and agency service fees.

This amount can vary slightly depending on the region where the university is located.